April's Story

In 2011, April experienced a dramatic shift in her spiritual journey, which was beyond her imagination and comprehension: She began seeing an intuitive counselor who helped her understand this life changing phenomenon.  "You are an alchemist,"  he told her.

Through weekly meetings of delving into childhood regression and past lives, she began to see her life's purpose. Driven to understand the love she felt but could not see, she started reading as many spiritual books as she could to validate this new level of consciousness.

She began journaling about self-reflection, gratitude, dreams, affirmations, signs, and intuitive awareness. In almost every aspect of her life, she witnessed a profound transformation. Through daily prayer, she began to see the light - recreating herself, loving herself more, and not being afraid to express love for others.

On a deeper level, she opened her heart and soul to God. She became aware that we are ALL eternal spirit beings -- beings of God's love and light and ALL interconnected. Souls and love are infinite and cannot be destroyed.

She discovered that, when our soul yearns to awaken and expand the love that has always existed, personal and spiritual growth is stimulated and deeper relationships are developed.

In 2012, April began writing haiku poetry as a way to develop greater creativity in her personal and professional life. Through daily meditation, she tapped into the present moment, and a new vision of the world gradually appeared around her, inspiring her to see beyond.

Her first book of poems, The Garden Path to My Heart: Finding Inner Peace through Haiku, was published in January 2020, and is available on Amazon. Her second book of poems, The Garden Path to My Heart: Finding Inner Light through Poetry, was published in October 2020 and is also available on Amazon. She is currently working on the third volume for this book series.

April pen journal IMG_400x481

April’s parents had a clear vision when naming “April Joy.”

April, a Spring month in which flowers bloom and bring inspiration.

Joy,  feelings of happiness and love.

April Joy Manger is the sun that always radiates inspiration, happiness and love.

~ Mariko, San Mateo, CA