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Happy New Year 2017!

My 2017 New Year Message for You

by April
Happy New Year! While contemplating a New Year message for 2017, my thoughts took me to a recent morning when I drove my three year old grandson to preschool. As we were getting out of the car, suddenly out of nowhere, he looked up at me and said, “Nonni, you can do it!” I wasn’t exactly sure what he was referring to but I liked the sound of it. There are times when I try to help my grandson with something, only to be told, “Nonni, I can do it!” I love his attitude. Even if he doesn’t do the […]

Affirmations for Transformation

by April
Affirmations are positive statements that condition the subconscious mind. When used with consistency and commitment affirmations can be very powerful and transformational. They can help us to: Change harmful behaviors Accomplish goals Undo damage caused by negative perceptions Develop a more positive perception of ourselves Affirmations are easy to create and use, but dedication is needed to make them work. There are affirmations for every aspect of life such as: Success Love Happiness Peace and Harmony Abundance Whatever our goals are for personal change and growth, the following guidelines may be helpful to achieve positive results: Release any negative thoughts […]