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Three-Week Daily Distant Reiki Program


To join our daily distant Reiki healing program, please read the following information before submitting your request.


The Project Garden Gate Nationwide Reiki Team sends distant Reiki to those in need every day. We are happy to add you to our list. Please read our instructions, privacy policy, and disclaimer statement before you submit your request.


At the end of three weeks, we will take your name off our list. However, if you would like to continue receiving distant Reiki for another three weeks, please resubmit your request by checking the box: Extend Distant Healing Request


Thank you for joining our distant Reiki healing group. It is our honor to channel Reiki to you.  Click here for additional information on our program.


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    Please use the message box below to briefly share your intentions or needs for receiving distant Reiki. Please also use this form to let us know about your experience of the program.

    I am at least 18 years of age and have read and agree to Project Garden Gate’s Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.