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June 2020 Spread Love Campaign image 364

October 18 2020: Spread Love Campaign

D.R.E.A.M. a Mindful WorldLife-Coaching Program During this monumental time in the history of our planet and all its inhabitants,…
October 2020 Poemagery 364

October 11 2020: Poemagery by April Joy Manger

October 11, 2020
Shelter Within The gates were openedFor anyone to enterUpon their good deeds Boats rest in their slipsWaiting for the fog to liftOpen…
Offthebookshelves of April Manger Oct Nov Dec 2020 364x243

October 4 2020: Off the Bookshelves of April Manger

October 4, 2020
Click the image below to view previous posts for “Off the Bookshelves of April Manger” April reveals a couple of her…