Spiritual Growth

As a certified Master Life Coach, April uses tools and techniques to guide clients through transformation resulting in greater balance, growth and success in all aspects of their lives. She provides positive support and encouragement.

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April empowers her clients to:

  • D.R.E.A.M. (April's unique coaching program)
  • Integrate spiritual practice into their lives
  • Make better choices to improve their lives personally, professionally and spiritually
  • Find motivation to achieve goals through spiritual practices
  • Create action plans, timelines and journals
  • Develop greater well-being, strength, focus and vitality
  • Understand the cyclical nature of their energy
  • Learn visualization techniques to help work toward goals
  • Increase their vibrational frequency through thoughts, words and actions
  • Discover inner peace, creativity, harmony in relationship fulfillment, better health and self awareness
  • Develop a new perspective on life and understand what it means to be truly happy

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