Spiritual Practice


When the soul awakens it returns to love, remembering that spirit is within all and all are within spirit. Once awakened, life on earth is never the same.

Working with April you can:

  • Connect with a higher divine power, nature and yourself
  • Feel and sense the interconnectedness of all
  • Increase your energy frequency and vibration
  • Discover how to live from your heart
  • Increase your level of consciousness
  • Work with your spirit guides and spirit animals
  • Embrace synchronicities


Meditation is an ancient practice which has evolved and adapted to cultures over thousands of years. There are different forms and practices currently being used to assist us with every aspect of our lives. Meditation is a state of awareness to achieve being in the present moment.

April teaches her students a variety of meditation techniques tailored to their personal goals:

  • Integrate the practice of meditation into your life
  • Discover inner peace, creativity, harmony in relationship fulfillment, better health and self awareness
  • Enhance spiritual awareness
  • Develop greater well-being, strength, focus and vitality in your life